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Meet Reenie

They always say that if you look back on what made you the happiest as a child will reveal your calling in life. Appropriately named Loreen Rose Hospodar, I grew up as “Reenie,” savoring coloring books, dressing up my Barbies for elaborate wedding ceremonies, and gathering the discarded silk flowers off the floor at Michaels Craft Stores. When I started my own “Rainy Day Kids Craft Fair” at 9 years old, my entrepreneurial spirit sparked and began to pave the path leading to Reenie Rose.

I attended Grand Valley State University in Michigan, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in illustration. I dismissed my dreams of becoming a Disney animator when I discovered my love of painting combined with the wedding industry. My skills and talents have been refined over the years to include a broad range of creative problem solving I am able to provide for my clients. My favorite part of the process is working one-on-one with individuals to make something completely unique and custom to their specific needs.

In 2022, I uprooted my Chicago life for the canals and stroopwafels of Amsterdam.  I love living the European life with my two cats (Bella & Penny), and continue to make creative solutions for my clients both near and far.

I look forward to creating for you! ~Loreen

Meet Reenie

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